Owner of Rear Steer Part 2 
"Hey guys my name is Fred Hill...I am a long time lurker here on Pirate, but really do not post. I am the owner of PJ's last buggy project, Project Rear Steer pt 2 which uses f/r steer toy axles, 22re on propane, toy crawl box and LC TC, with 40" Sticky Maxxis, and want to tell everyone how pleased I am with the buggy. The fabrication is absolutely 1st class, without being over the top. The buggy continues to impress everyone that has seen it, and works absolutely amazing!
It is an incredible climber, very stable, and with the rear steer it even makes me look like a good driver.
I live over 8hrs away from PJ and the build process was as good as I think it could be with an inexperienced customer and the great geographical distance between the builder and the buyer.
Just wanted to let everyone know that I would not hesitate to commission another buggy from PJ and in fact we have been talking about something new with more HP."
From the new owner of the 09 M&M shop Buggy
"I bought this buggy from PJ and just want to let everyone know how pleased I am with my purchase. PJ is a first class guy with a world of knowledge about buggies. The fab work, welding and overall construction of the buggy is unbelievabe. I would highly recommend him to anyone for the purchase of a buggy or to just improve one you may have (if he does that).

I'm very excited with my purchase and I'm a pretty hard person to please, I know I've got a buggy that will even make me look like a badass driver, I will reference PJ to anyone inquiring about the purchase of a buggy."

Thanks PJ--I am very pleased and I appreciate you meeting me for a nominal fee.


Owner of 2.5 Ton Cruiser buggy 

"Picking the Buggy up from PJ and M and M was bitter sweet. Very nice to have it home in my own shop, but now I have a pile of work that is all on me! Thanks again to PJ and M and M Fab for building me such an awesome Buggy!! For anyone who is thinking of doing something like me where you finish the details all the way to a turn key Buggy where you do nothing....PJ and M and M Fab are the way to go.

You will not get any better fab work or innovation at any of the larger shops out West. PJ gave me personal attention and was always available to talk about ideas and the project in general. I highly recommend him and his shop to anyone."