tubefish1.jpgtubefish2.jpgSaltwater Fish $650.00 Shipped Aproximately 

5 Feet 

Call For custom add ons and Pricing.....  Each Peice of art is hand crafted using only hand tools no computers here...  made to order.......30" to As big as you want .
NO PAINT only natural rust and heat for coloring, ensuring each is completely custom.  

Custom Metal Fish Handmade Approximately 30-36" long. NO Paint other than Clear Coat. These are Representations as your will be Different but similar.

$550.00 Shipped 



Sunset Trees are A nice addition to your collection.  Aproximate size 18"x22" or bigger.  Price start at $125.00  Once again each uses natural coloring and is completely custom... Hand Cut and Welded.... 

Sunset Tree $125.00 Shipped


abstract aluminum wall peices start at $125.00


small abstract aluminum peices  start at $30.00


16" wine bottles...$25.00